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Liam Edward Golder Multi- Award Winning Songs, Vocalist, Unique Love Songs, Improvises Many Ideas From The Heart, Guitarist, TV/Film Composer, Management, Music Copyrighter, Music Teacher. No 1 Chart Positions, over 3000 TV placements.

Making Music, Inspiring Others Through His Passion Of Music Out To The World.


Liam Edward Golder Plus Silent Machines is a Multi Award Winning Vocalist, Songwriter and Guitarist, also a Music Teacher, Entrepreneur/Investor in A Note Music Catalogue, Multi-Instruments plus Music Promoter/Coach/Management from the UK with various No 1 Chart songs and known to make up songs on the spot, and improvise new song ideas. He is well known for his love songs, dark melodic chilling ideas, and unique rock tracks. He has worked with 16 plus other established names including Gerry & The Pacemakers/John Summerton, Cher, Herman's Hermits, Linkin Park and more. He is an Author, and Music/Guitar Teacher, Music Life Coach via recorded videos. The link is on this site to a small group of chosen people. He supports the NHS with leading decisions and extra support through this ongoing pandemic. 

He has Irish, English, Welsh, and Spanish DNA. Liam is Godfather to Alfie and will be to Teddy, plus a great niece baby girl on the way this year . His main career focus is always the music and it has reached millions of people across the globe. He started Golderecords as a family name label dedication. Then added Harley Walk Tracks after the street name of his original home before the address changed and where he started writing. He could not hold a pen or write originally for many years. He struggled with talking to anyone in public, so it was a big obstacle to overcome. Now days Popular Award Winning tracks include 'Everytime We Meet', 'See You Smile,' 'Airtight', 'What Matter's The Most', 'Time Will Make You Mine', 'Walk With Me', 'Making Of A Man', 'You Are Loved' and also Many More.

His music reaches TV and many networks in America, sync, film, and radio across the World after releasing music via Sony The Orchard. Liam has been part of numerous bands and TV projects including Silent Machines , Love Song Poets, Care Givers, plus mainly animal named TV music acts/one off projects, Recordogs, Lovers Music Box, Irish Rose Band, Trailblazers, Mindhawks , Radical Souvenirs, Epic Eric, Power Tower, Seahouse, Dogs Are Gods, Empire Desire, Mystic Tygers, Sound Souls, Elegant Seduction, Mighty Eighty, Magic Love Strings, and more.

Liam has overcome many challenges in his 20's suffering from bouts of anxiety and depression, as well as surviving death multiple times, and he remains positive. Also had his own health scare in 2020 and 2021. Liam's background was working in mental health and learning disabilities, and helping rehoming of previous addicts, and homeless people. Also people with illness and conditions supporting both adults and young people, as well as previously Caretaking at a School after this for 700 children of mixed ages. Also helping his Dad overcome Cancer, and during his dementia. Liam enjoyes some DIY, art, unique tattoo designs including a crown, moon, world, lighthouse, sea, clouds, stars, bear, gorilla, phoenix, robin, birds, mic/guitar and more. He keeps fit, loves and supports nature and animals, food, gardening, the sea and beach, forests, and photography. 

Despite having recieved numerous abuse and bad treatment in a hard world Liam kept going and created many positive moments. He realises life isn't always easy having a good heart and being a natural empath, yet he likes to see people overcome fear, suffering, and be happy, plus succeed. Any results in our everyday life often come from struggle, trauma, pain, suffering and that is how we can try and grow. 

Liam previously wrote songs for TV for Children's Comedy, and writing a new short Children's book. Also Liam performing comedy as different characters. Plus writing Comedy for various famous UK impressionists, and comedy songs which was very challenging. Also writing Romance, and Crime short stories under the rare name Leam Knight. Music is the main passion as it has deeper meaning and inspiration to other people. 

Most people are supportive of the songs, his original business advisor said basically don't bother with music Liam ignored him,  he chose to give it a try and made 1000's over the years he was glad he followed his own path. Don't listen to people who say you can't if you have something to give. 

Liam has worked with numerous signed and unsigned acts with his own firm Song Heroes Music www.songheroesmusicpr.com
Song Heroes and his Team work on all most areas of music, plus helping gain artists results & incomes. Liam's music is his biggest message to the Universe. 

His mission as always is to help others, put his songs out, and inspire the World.

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Liam Edward Golder

Multi Award Winning Singer, Lyric Writer, Guitarist, Composer

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